Lees het in de Cosmopolitan van 1995: "Achtentwintig jaar is hij pas, en als je hem zou...
    “Ik wil niet te makkelijk oordelen of bedrijven innovatief genoeg zijn of kansen laten liggen,...
    Boomerang lanceerde vorig jaar Boomerang Create, een breed netwerk van jonge creatieven die...
    Zo'n beetje alle leiderschapliteratuur samengevat in 13 regels. Pragmatisch, confronterend en...
    Stockfoto's blijken vaak een tegenhanger te hebben. Samen vertellen ze een verhaal. Dit verhaal...
    "Het kost een fortuin om er zo goedkoop uit te zien," zei Dolly Parton over zichzelf. En met ons...
    Als het groeit, dan gaat het goed. Denk aan het zaadje dat je plant. Het kindje dat je voedt of...
    Waarom 1 beeld meer zegt dan 1.000 woorden De macht van non-verbale communicatie Non-verbale...
    Wat is er zo tof aan The Northface? Dat je met hun logo op je jas moeiteloos de Mount Everest...
    June 24, 2015
    Wat was er ook alweer zo tof aan Lego? Dat je met een paar simpele blokjes en een beetje fantasie...
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    Olivier Wegloop Creative Director and Communications Consultant

    Co-Founder Kipster


    Creative Director

    I create strategic, concept-driven and above all effective (communication) solutions in a way that respects both the society as a whole and the integrity of the individual consumer.


    As a creative and strategy director I've had the privilege of working with the world's leading brands such as Heineken, Unilever, Red Bull and Vodafone.


    As a member of the Board of Directors, I’ve also gained experience in the skills and discipline required to sustain a business in the longer term.


    My entrepreneurial skills have enabled me to take my ideas and turn them into successful business propositions.


    During my study in 1993 I co-founded as an assistant Boomerang Unlimited, which quickly developed a name in the nineties as one of the most innovative communication and media agencies in the Netherlands. The company grew to an international agency with offices in nine countries in just a few years. For over 18 years I was Creative Director at Boomerang and one of the partners.


    In 2001 I brought our progressive design ethos to emerging Central European economies with the founding of Boomerang Publishing in Prague and Bratislava. This international award-winning agency is now a leader in content marketing in Central Europe. Clients include Ahold, Czech Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Philips, Vodafone, Volkswagen.


    In 2002 I co-founded Blammo TV, a leading company in the gaming community, producing events, television shows (Game Kings) and websites for the gaming and consumer electronics industry.


    In 2008 I founded an innovative online crowd sourcing, social media and co-creation community. This is now a successful agency with a client list that features some of the leading brands in The Netherlands: Heineken, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Vodafone, Rabobank, Philips, Red Bull and many more.


    Since 2013 I'm working as a communications strategist, thinker and doer in the field of sustainability. It's my vocation, I suppose.


    In 2017 we opened our first Kipster Farm. It's a revolutionary vision for modern farming. We have built the most animal-friendly and environmentally-friendly poultry farm in the world. Yes, I'm a farmer.



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